Welcome to IMMORE Real Estate & Investments

We are international real estate agents, working together from The Netherlands and Germany.

We mediate in real estate investments. We sell several rented objects or development projects to european private and company investors.

This we do on a very special way by using our business network and with a high degree of confidentiality.

We have a large number of interesting objects that we can offer you. We also are looking voor some special real estate investment objects for our clients.

Because of our policy with a high degree of privacy and confidentiality we will not mention the objects which we can offer you or the names of our clients. First we will ask you to sign a agreement of confidentiality before we offer you the objects you are looking for. This to protect the privacy of our clients who wants to sell real estate objects.

Together we have several specialties and certificates. IMMORE Real Estate & Investments has a German Real Estate Brokers Certificate, A Dutch bachelor degree in Economics & Real Estate Development and one of the partners is specialized in Real Estate Finance.

This perfect combinations of skills and our different knowledge of real estate opportunities in several European Countries makes us a team of specialists with a large commercial network.

Buildings we can offer you:Immoré Real Estate Investments can offer you.pdf

Buildings we are searching for our clients:Immoré Real Estate Investments searches for her clients.pdf

If you want more info please contact us on: contact@immore.nl